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Brokerage Lessons from a Wild NCAA Weekend.

March 20th, 2012 No comments

They call it “March Madness”, and I was mad as hell on Friday night as I watched my beloved Duke Blue Devils wilt under the pressure of a more prepared, better executing 15th seed. A 15th seed! How could this happen, how could such a lowly competitor beat the national beast?

As it turns out, it was fairly simple. As a “coach” myself, I read deeply into the “coach speak”. How coaches prepare their players for competition and how they respond when the contest is complete. Some of the comments resulting from Mike Krzyzewski, the coach of Duke and Dr. Brett Reed, the coach of Lehigh, resonated directly to why many commercial brokers win listing assignments, where others have failed.

Let’s first look at the preparation of the competition. When asked how Lehigh would prepare for Duke, Dr. Reed noted, it was not a matter of looking at Duke and determining where they were most vulnerable, but instead, you must look introspectively at yourself, your team and your support staff and reinforce the skills you possess and the passion you bring every day. You need to trust yourself and your team that you have put yourself in the best possible position to win. Brokers who win the listing, whether they are with a national power firm, or simply a boutique independent, focus on why they should be the only choice to an owner/investor or tenant and position their presentation (game strategy) to best reflect this.

During the contest itself, it was later reflected by coach K, that one of the main reasons they lost the game was xxx the players from Lehigh were “bold”, where as his team was out of synch. How many of you go to a listing presentation with a “bold” approach. Bold, by its very nature, demands confidence and a touch of aggressiveness. Does your listing presentation say
“why us”, or “why not us!”?

After the game was won, Dr. Reed asked his team if they were happy, and every player said “yes”. They had prepared for the competition, executed to perfection and withstood against the continual odds against their success. But Dr. Reed followed up by asking his team if they were satisfied. And this time, to a man, they said “no”. Winning a listing or representation assignment is only the first step. Being “bold” and aggressive in both your pricing and marketing will ultimately reflect if you move forward, or simply inventory your opportunities.


Brokerage Lesson From a Vail Ski Lift

March 4th, 2012 5 comments

This past week I took a long weekend (yes we all need to take a day or two away from commercial real estate) and headed to Vail, Colorado for some skiing with some friends.  Some of these friends are commercial brokers, like you, and one particular friend, Jason of CNL, I had not connected with in quite some time.

Me, Jason and Dave

During one of the many ski lift runs Jason ask me “Rod, so you guys are trainers right?”  Not only was his impression of our company incorrect, his comments highlighted the glaring mistake that I had made, and many brokers make when it comes to our friends.  We assume they know what we do, and do not make the focused effort with our friends to consistently remind them of what we do, or provide examples of how we work with our clients.  You see, it wasn’t Jason who made the mistake; it was me who made the error by not keeping him apprised of our services and success.

In past Massimo Minutes, I have stressed the importance of presence.  I have outlined the three essential elements of creating and maintaining presence and outlined the key targets to direct these efforts towards.  These targets include clients, prospects, market makers and influencers.  There are certainly more extensive and detailed targets, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

Two key targets in your individual presence campaign must be your friends and family.  Why; because I can guarantee you that most of them simply think of you as “a broker”.  They have little idea of what exactly this means and how you personally work with clients in a variety of ways to assist them in achieving their personal and/or business goals.

As for Jason, I had the luxury of sitting next to him on several subsequent ski lifts and shared with him how we work with individual brokers, brokerage teams and companies in our coaching and consulting practice.  How our entire organization is positioned to maximize our client’s brokerage income.  I shared with him that most (not all) trainers are vendors, where as we pursue the role of being partners and trusted allies in our client’s success.

The Massimo Minute is distributed to tens of thousands of commercial brokers, many of my friends and all of my family members, and now Jason as well.  The next time you send out  an email blast, success story, white paper or postcard think beyond the obvious targets and be sure to include your family and your friends, for they will be your biggest champions should they hear of an opportunity that may be a great fit for you.